What can I win by joining OlaPrizes.com?
The first valid entry drawn will win one (1) NZD$5,000.00 Prize from their choice of one of the following options:

  • $5,000.00 cash, paid by bank cheque or by EFT into the winners nominated bank account; OR
  • First Home or Investment Property Home Loan deposit up to the value of $5,000.00; OR
  • Shopping Spree up to the value of $5,000.00; OR
  • New York, Tokyo or London Holiday up to the value of $5,000.00; OR
  • Kitchen Makeover/Appliances up to the value of $5,000.00; OR
  • Caravan up to the value of $5,000.00; OR
  • Cosmetics up to the value of $5,000.00; OR
  • Home Electronics System up to the value of $5,000.00; OR
  • Camping Equipment up to the value of $5,000.00; OR
  • Groceries/Supermarket voucher up to the value of $5,000.00; OR
  • Fuel/Petrol up to the value of $5,000.00; OR
  • Department Store voucher up to the value of $5,000.00; OR
  • Building & Hardware voucher up to the value of $5,000.00; OR
  • Furniture voucher up to the value of $5,000.00; OR
  • Airline/Flight voucher up to the value of $5,000.00; OR
  • Camera Equipment up to the value of $5,000.00; OR
  • Barbeque Equipment up to the value of $5,000.00; OR
  • Sephora voucher/products up to the value of $5,000.00; OR
  • MAC voucher/products up to the value of $5,000.00..

The prize is not transferable or exchangeable. For any further information on the Prize, please visit our Terms & Conditions.

The Game will take place at Astuto Lawyers, Level 5, 99 Queen Street, Melbourne, 3000, Australia at 9:00am AEST on 22/09/2017. Any and all costs associated with attending the Game are the sole responsibility of the Participant. If the Participant cannot attend the Game, the Participant may participate in the Game via telephone whereby they will select a number between 1 and 200 (inclusive) and a representative of the Promoter will select the envelope bearing that number on their behalf. In the event that the Promoter has not been able to contact the Participant before the start of the Game, a representative of the Promoter will play the Game on the Participant's behalf.

There will be 200 envelopes on display at the start of the Game. One (1) envelope will contain a promotional message representing $5,000.00. The other 199 envelopes will each contain a promotional message representing $100.00. The Participant/representative ("Attendee") must choose only one (1) envelope without touching, handling or interfering in any way with any of the other envelopes on display. If the Attendee is found to have breached this condition, he/she will be disqualified. If the Attendee selects the envelope containing the promotional message representing $5,000.00, then the drawn Participant will win $5,000.00. If the Attendee selects an envelope containing a promotional message representing $100, then the $5,000.00 prize will not be given away and the drawn Participant will win $100.00. The prize will be awarded as a cheque made payable in the winner's name. The drawn Participant's odds of winning the $5,000.00 prize are 1 in 200. The odds of being drawn as a Participant may be significantly higher than the odds of the drawn Participant winning the major prize, and will depend upon the number of entries received.

Are there any costs or charges to use this Service?
Joining and becoming a member of OlaPrizes.com is totally free. We will never ask you for any payment or fee of any kind for using our service.

By joining, what will OlaPrizes.com send to me?
Members will receive offers via email each week, which could include Surveys, Competitions, Sample Products and General Offers. Please contact us if you would like a particular type of offer or increased or decreased levels of offers emailed to you. We can completely customize your experience.

Do I need to be a New Zealand Resident to join?
Yes. Entry is only open to New Zealand residents, aged 18 years or over.

I can't Login / I don't know my Password?
If you are unable to login and do not know your password, it is likely that you have not confirmed your email address with us. Your User Section Password will be issued after you have confirmed your email address only and will be found on our Welcome Email, sent directly after confirmation.

I forgot my Password. What can I do?
To request a new password, simply submit your email that you originally signed up to our service with at this link.A new password will then be emailed to you. Then with this new password, you can attempt to login.

How do I change my Contact Information/Email Address with OlaPrizes.com?
If you wish to change your Email Address or any Personal Information that OlaPrizes.com holds about you, please use the following contact details: contact@vizmondmedia.com. We will update our records accordingly.

How do I unsubscribe?
Members who no longer wish to receive updates or notifications may choose not to by unsubscribing. You can unsubscribe from our mailing lists by the following methods:

1) Clicking the hyperlink located at the bottom of all OlaPrizes.com mailings
2) Contacting our Support Team at contact@vizmondmedia.com

I have an Enquiry/Issue with an Offer that I signed up with?
Please contact the particular retailer directly with your enquiry or issue.

Please Note: OlaPrizes.com is not responsible for the terms and conditions of any of the affiliated websites or partner offers on our website. We make an effort to screen our offers to ensure the best possible experience for our users. However, we are not responsible for any ensuing charges or contracts incurred between a user and an offer provider. Users should carefully read the requirements, terms and conditions, privacy policy and billing information for each offer. All users complete offers through affiliates at their own risk. We are not responsible for services or products associated with our affiliate offer providers. For any further information, please visit our Terms & Conditions.

How do I contact you?
If you need further assistance, or would like to have offers sent to you customized, please contact us either at contact@vizmondmedia.com, or by completing our Contact Form.